Company Overview
A World Powered by Clean Energy
Built for the 21st century, Clearway is focused on providing customers with low cost, clean power generated by solar and wind across the U.S.

Clearway’s vision is a world powered by clean energy. Our more than 600 employees work every day to make that vision possible – operating solar and wind projects in 26 states and developing new projects across many more. Together with our customers, affiliates, and partners, we are leading the way to a clean energy future at an accelerating pace.

Clearway’s extensive experience with all aspects of project development, project finance, operations, and customer service has made us a leader in the renewable energy industry. Our portfolio ranges from clusters of community solar projects to some of the largest wind and solar projects in the United States. Clearway proudly supports the communities where we live, work, and operate our projects.

Our Mission

  • To make clean, competitive, and reliable energy.
  • To do good by our customers, our communities, our environment, and our people.
  • To be an enduring company that makes these things – and even more – possible.

Our Values

  • Quality: We build to last – our projects, our partnerships, our people, and our business.
  • Respect: We consider perspectives from all directions, value backgrounds of all kinds, strive to understand through new lenses, and communicate thoughtfully.
  • Possibility: We seek to realize the potential in our people, our partners, and our projects.


Clearway is always looking for motivated talent to join our team. From solar and wind industry leaders and energy professionals, to those from other fields who want to be part of a clean energy future, we welcome all applicants looking for the next step in their career.

Our Culture
Across Clearway’s offices, a common culture is shared by our people. Clearway’s team members are dedicated to a clean energy future across a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities. Embodying our company values of quality, respect, and possibility, alongside our operating principles, unique individuals come together over a common mission. At Clearway, our teams embrace opportunities to do challenging work that can change the world. We learn together to bring out the most in everyone around us. We share setbacks, celebrate successes, and act with integrity and accountability to get the job done.

Our Operating Principles
  • Safety & Health. In the field and in the office, always putting first the well-being of our people, our neighbors, and our environment.
  • Integrity. Doing what’s right in our work, saying what’s right with our words.
  • Accountability. Owning our responsibilities and the outcomes, facing our challenges and seeking help where we need it to meet them, and finding a way to just get it done.
  • Continuous Improvement. Recognizing there’s no such thing as perfect in the real world, but embracing opportunities to learn and change, always making progress towards a better company.
  • Teamwork. Seeking opportunities to collaborate, looking to get the most out of everyone around us, celebrating success and sharing setbacks, and accomplishing all the more for it.

Diversity & Inclusion
At Clearway, we create a community that isn’t about being the same – it’s about building a team of unique individuals, with different backgrounds and skill sets, coming together to build something big and make a difference in the world. Approaching our work with integrity and uncovering possibility means that everyone has a voice, and everyone belongs. At Clearway, we embrace you for who you are, and believe in what you are able to contribute.

Company Summary
Clearway Thermal
Number of Employees
(773) 708-4990
1 East Washington Street
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Phoenix, AZ